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More Campaign Music

At what point does parody jump the shark?  So far it’s still funny and still fairly smart politics, I’d say.  And somehow it strikes me that the sensibility of these parodies is much, much more appealing than the ads from last time around.


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I don’t know what to do with Pearl Jam’s new Barak recording, “Barak Around the Clock.” [Sorry, It’s broken]

I suppose it’s meant to be funny; or maybe “edgy,” like, ironic, you know. Said with rising inflection. It’s pretty stupid, as political statements go and as music; cornball, whatever.

Mostly it makes me wonder if Pearl Jam is really still that juvenile. Makes me say “Eew, dudes, grow the hell up!” Am I really that old???

The Vulture has a funny post here, titled: “Pearl Jam Will Not Rest Until John McCain Elected President.” I wouldn’t go that far–I don’t think this has the potential to hurt Obama; but I would say “Pearl Jam Will Not Rest Until Every Shred of Their Credibility and Dignity Is Forever Gone.”


Well, apparently Pearl Jam is running away from “Barak Around the Clock.”  For whatever reason (I’m inclined to think the extent of mockery on the internets, but who knows) they’ve pulled it from their website.  If someone finds a working link I’ll re-link, but for the moment you’ll just have to imagine it.  Or go see David Daniel and his band perform it on Youtube.

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Did Will.I.Am read (and hate) Maureen Dowd’s post (linked here)? Did Obama? Did Scarlett Johansson and Herbie Hancock and Kareem Abdul Jabbar and John Legend and the lot of them?

Perhaps not, but this is a nice response to the notion of Obama-as-Smooth-Jazz-Modernity. It is certainly smooth, and like Hancock’s Joni Mitchell tribute (I wrote about it here) it has its jazzy-qualities; but this is a far hipper, somewhat younger Obama-music connection. And one that, like Smooth Jazz, has racialized overtones for some audiences, but that can be read as (and is explicitly) multi-racial.

And it is gorgeous.  I love the multi-voiced quality, the overlapping sounds of men and women’s registers.  As I love it in Leonard Cohen’s work and Helena Noguera’s.

Smart politics, smart music, well done.

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